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Mentoring Wise and Courageous Women to Flourish

Women’s Empowerment coach & Intuitive soul mentor


 Empower & Awaken Your Feminine Soul

“Tune into the Wisdom of Your feminine Body to Transform Your Life: Heal old wounds and uncover your inner strength and vitality”

I guide and awakening women over 40 to break free of limited beliefs, step into their life purpose, feel empowered and lead an authentic life.

Are you a Vibrant Woman over 40, going through life transition?

Perhaps  you…

Feel transformations forming within yourself and want to reveal it to the world, but part of you resists?  Are you ready to face the shadows that hold you back to live an authentic life?

Yearn for clarity and answers?

Long for deeper, more authentic connections with yourself and others?

Are you ready to embrace a healthy change?

Would you like to know, how to awaken and empower your feminine soul?

Are you, courageous enough to start to open up, and take the leap to learn new things, to grow and evolve, improve your relationships, unleash your creativity, find your voice, thrive, and become fully alive? 

~Release Painful Shadows from the Past ~ Rediscover Your Authentic Self ~ Reclaim Your Beautiful Inner Feminine Power~

Coaching courageous women to flourish throughout mid- life cycle.  As we know around the age of forty, women start another phase of their life cycle: perimenopause, menopause and post menopause. It can take up to 15 years to complete this cycle. There are many  mixed feelings, negative thoughts, and body awareness symptoms associated lillywith this mid-life cycle, and the changes it brings about.

But, it does not have to be this way…

This mid-life cycle, it is not just about the menstrual cycle ending; it’s a lot more than that. It’s a journey of endings and great new beginnings. We need to recognize that it is an important time in our life when we must honor our mind, body and soul, and listen to the things that need attention. It is the perfect time to get empowered with a strong mind set, and connected to our feminine self .

If you are like most women, you might be struggling for a balanced life amidst the challenges that life brings to you. Is it possible to go through these times of change with ease and peace?

Yes! I, myself ,have gone through many life challenges and continue to do so. I learned these methods one by one. All I needed to do, was to be open enough for change and the challenges it brings,  welcoming it with open heart and soul.

An example of a huge life change I made recently was when I had to relocate from Colorado to New York State with my family, Oh, Yes! That was a challenge!

~You will be ready to emerge from the cocoon and fly like a butterfly~

                 ~Liberating transformation starts from within ~


 When you participate in this transformational program For The Mid-Life Woman ~ The Five pathways  To Empower & Awaken Your Feminine Soul

You will…

See quick results, feel empowered and have a sense of clarity.

Learn new skills on how to transform your vulnerability into strength and give you the tools to learn how to untangle yourself from old patterns or habits that do not serve you.

Be so connected with your body that you will be able to embrace  it with love , and heal any chronic body concerns you have with yourself.

Understand your own inner personal journey and how to create a safe space for it and make new sense of your own life purposes.

Unleash any beliefs you have that limit you at the core and finally be liberated from the past.

~Empower your mind ~Embrace your body ~ Evolve yourself from within ~

My mission.. is to mentor, guide, and educate mid-life women to gain 100_7067_0001self-awareness and to experience a unique personal metamorphosis that starts from within. My clients say that my unique ability to listen deeply and guide them to do the same, has helped them access things within themselves that they couldn’t have accessed otherwise.

I will guide you on how to listen to your body’s wisdom and its ability to heal itself. You will learn to connect your emotions to your body’s concerns and find the answers from within. All this happens in a safe nonjudgmental space where you can walk, feel, and talk your truth.   I went through this channel of transformation myself and created this program from my own personal experience and growth. I’m eager to share my personal metamorphosis with you! A unique program where I blend all my knowledge and experience.

You will experience many therapeutic modalities that will awaken the body, mind, and spirit. It’s an awakening program where you explore your inner self. It’s about immersing yourself in all of the qualities, talent, and abilities that you are creating for growth.

“When I found Kohava Howard, her biography read like music to my ears. We spoke as if we were old friends. Upon meeting her I knew she would help me find clarity, her celestial look and calming voice gave me a sense of peace. Our first session was so enlightening, I found myself wanting more and we immediately set up a second session.  My time spent with Kohava has flowed into all aspects of my life. I find myself echoing her words of wisdom. Kohava will not give you answers instead she will give you the tools to find answers on your own.” ~ Jo Sonberg, RDH, University at Buffalo

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