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Communication Is What Ties Us Together


Communication Is What Ties Us Together

Blissful new moon NEW MOON occurs on Saturday, January 9, 2016, at 8:30 PM EST. This lunation is the time to plant the seeds of empowerment at the deepest level within yourself. If you’re struggling to heal or longing to improve your life in some way, use this New Moon to set your intentions. Trust that the Universe will hear you.

Start the year with a blank canvas, a new page in the book of your life. This blank beginning is the time to rewrite, repaint and reimagine your year ahead. Take the time during this New Moon to write your goals for the coming year. Be clear, concise and choose targeted requests.

If you are having a hard time communicating what you need and how you feel, you might want to make your first goal for the year to become a more effective communicator, both with your internal and external dialogue.

afd051ae-7e84-4e0d-930b-a60a559a3304Empower Your Mind

Without communication we become resentful, tense and highly stressed. To combat these feelings we need a mentor, a friend or spouse. We need someone we can go to where we feel safe. We need someone to talk about everything who won’t try to fix things or try to find solutions. We just need someone to listen as we talk and empty it all out.

“As long as your brain is very much disorganized, you cannot think clearly and you cannot relate to other people.” ~ Bessel van der Kolk, MD

Embrace Your True Self

The first step in becoming an effective communicator is learning to know what you know and feel what you feel, then expressing it. Finding the language for internal experience is what ties us together. Know that without being able to communicate, you’re locked up inside of yourself, cut off from forming empowering relationships.

We tend to wait, to go on another day, to prolong the conversation and not rock the boat until we are exploding and everything comes out in a nasty and blaming way.

Evolve from Within ~ Journal It ~

So learning to communicate and finding words for our internal states are helpful in terms of balancing ourselves. That is how we take care of ourselves first in order to be there for everyone else. So take a deep breath and dive in…it’s all going to be okay.

Tips For Better Communication:

  • If I am not satisfied with my behavior or feelings its up to me to make changes.
  • Only talk in the first person, don’t judge or blame.
  • One person is talking and the other is listening.
  • I alone am responsible for the way I act, think and feel. Outside events, people or places are not making me feel, act or behave as I do.
  • I am responsible for my thoughts. Therefor I can change them and it will lead to changed behavior.
  • I cannot change someone else’s thoughts or opinions.
  • I need to stay in my own hula-hoop, in my own business.
  • Try to keep focused in the here and now instead of the past and future

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