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New Moon Newsletter : Be Authentically Charismatic

How to be authentically charismatic

IMG_20150107_175143These days, I’m getting excited for my upcoming wellness program, “The 5 pathways to empower and awaken your feminine soul” starting May 15. What an amazing way to celebrate spring, with a circle of empowered women lifting each other up and re-birthing the inner butterfly from the core of your well-being.

Whenever we come to the New Moon, we begin a new cycle of activity, a new awareness of re-birthing an idea, and revealing it to the world. On Friday evening, a New Moon occurs, marking the beginning of a new cycle. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and start writing down a to-do list, manifest your goals.

Empower Your Mind

Charismatic women spread the joy of life. The first thing you notice about charismatic women is the spark of life. Whether they are leaders or troublemakers, they have a strong passion that triggers powerful emotions in those around them. They make other women feel happy to join a cause. They show obvious pleasure in experiences, and they invite others to share in the experiences they are having. 

Embrace Your Body

Charismatic women inspire confidence. It seems that they have everything under control. Their personal self-worth and confidence appear strong, even when they’re not. They have faith in their abilities, their bodies, their knowledge, and their worth. They also know the line between confidence and narcissism. They don’t dismiss themselves or other women around them. Know that you can be an inverted woman and also be authentically charismatic.

Evolve from Within ~ Journal It ~

The times that charismatic women stand out are when they are driving a movement. They believe in something powerful and share that belief with others. Their conviction and consistent actions influence others to follow. Enhance your charisma by being diligent and committed. Inspire others by helping them engage in a common cause. Remember that being a charismatic woman isn’t the same as pleasing women. Charismatic women know who they are and don’t care much about what others think of them.

1. Write three ways you will enhance your charisma by sharing your passions with those around you.

2. Write three ways you will enhance your charisma by lessening your insecurities. Use this as a way to celebrate your strengths.

3. Write three ways you will empower others to do the same.

4 Ways to be authentically charismatic

  1. Be a great listener ~ Be anyone’s equal by giving the gift of full attention.  Make other women feel that they matter.
  2. Think before you speak ~ is it true, is it helpful, is it inspiring, is it necessary, and is it kind?
  3. Get in touch with your emotions ~ don’t be afraid to communicate your emotions in an appropriate manner. Try not to discuss or dismiss the others failure
  4. Strong women lift each other up ~ by praising from the soul, and mean it.

Girls compete with each other, women empower one another, and together we can rock the world.

Blissful & Peace,



Author: Kohava Howard~Emerging Vibrant Woman

I'm Kohava Howard the founder of Emerging Vibrant Woman and the leader of the soul sisterhood circle. I Love to dance, Music, reading, cooking, mediation, Yoga, hiking and Art. A mother of two vibrant teens, I am a facilitator, spiritual teacher, passionate artistic healer and empowering mentor for women I'm a holistic nurse, intuitive soul mentor, and holistic empowerment life coach, I guide and lead courageous women over 40 who are called to lead and empower other women. Get unstuck, break free of their limiting beliefs and awaken their soul’s purpose to flourish.

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