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Magical and Empowering Tears


 Magical and Empowering Tears

Happy blissful New Moon lovely souls. The teams for this lunation are all about  your love life, finances, and appreciation of what you have! Sounds like a plan! Let’s start by loving yourself first. What do you think?

Lately I hear clients ask me “Why is it so hard for me to cry? Why can’t I cry?” I ask them, “Do you want to cry or are you okay without crying?” The answer: “I really wish that I could cry.”

Osho said: “Don’t wear masks; otherwise you will create dysfunctions in your body mechanism. Remember if you cannot cry and weep wholeheartedly, you cannot laugh also, because that is the other polarity.”

Empower Your Mind
There is nothing like a deep emotional cry, and the tears that come from the deep inner core, to feel connected to your soul. Having a good cry in order to feel better is necessary and essential for the human body – like breathing, laughing, and even anger. Yet crying makes us feel so conflicted.
Crying has two important main roles: 1) to release emotional tension buildup; and 2) as a communication method to express physical pain, emotional pain, joy, happiness, or even hunger (as babies).

Embrace yourself
Weeping wholeheartedly can be unsettling. It can feel like crashing. It can be deeply saddening, almost like depression. A strong crying session can make us feel helpless. We are not sure how to handle this emotional outburst and all we want is to numb those unsettled feelings quickly. I know this because I have been there! In my experience growing up, you had to be tough and suppress your tears. In many cultures, shedding a tear is a sign of weakness and vulnerability.
To change any negative attitudes you may have toward crying, start by looking at the cry as a cleansing to revive your soul, like purifying waters, releasing knotted wounds. Let yourself weep until you empty it all out, reassuring yourself that it’s all OK, and it’s all temporary. Feel the emotions from the core of your being. It’s OK to feel sorry for yourself and victim-like. But! Don’t stay there for long.  Reach out. You don’t have to cry alone.

Evolve from within ~ Journal it
Have you ever explored the word cry? What does cry mean to you? What does cry mean to your surroundings? How did you grow up defining the word cry? Check within yourself. Be open to new possibilities and see crying as it is – a release of emotional tension, getting you closer to your higher self.
1.Where is your cry coming from?
2.How do you feel about crying? Is it a sign of weakness?
3.How does your family see crying? How does your culture feel about tears?
4.Where do you hold it in your body? Is it in your chest, your solar plexus, your throat, or your lower belly?
5.Do you feel judged or embarrassed to cry in front of your family or friends?
5.How do you feel when others are crying in front of you?

Benefits of crying

Give yourself permission to be true. Letting yourself cry is a way to take better care of you. When you cry, you’re allowing yourself to be you. It’s a way to honor your feelings instead of denying them and pushing them down. Giving yourself this emotional freedom will affect your mental health.

Crying is not weakness. It’s an expression of emotion that has nothing to do with decision-making. Crying could help you process the emotions you’re feeling and think more clearly, and still take brave actions, even if you cry in anticipation.

Crying is a natural bodily function to relieve stress, remove toxins, release the tension of distress, process emotions, and boost your mood.

Hold space for others, not by giving suggestions or talking about how to help, just by listening, giving a hug, and being present and genuine. That is how you help them feel connected and safe to express their feelings.

Blissful Love,  Kohava


Author: Kohava Howard~Emerging Vibrant Woman

I'm Kohava Howard the founder of Emerging Vibrant Woman and the leader of the soul sisterhood circle. I Love to dance, Music, reading, cooking, mediation, Yoga, hiking and Art. A mother of two vibrant teens, I am a facilitator, spiritual teacher, passionate artistic healer and empowering mentor for women I'm a holistic nurse, intuitive soul mentor, and holistic empowerment life coach, I guide and lead courageous women over 40 who are called to lead and empower other women. Get unstuck, break free of their limiting beliefs and awaken their soul’s purpose to flourish.

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