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Messages from the Feminine Soul

Messages from the Feminine Soul

Beautiful woman,letting-go-sand
I’m asking you,
When you hold
the anger and
the resentment within
it’s like holding a ball of fire
Who is getting hurt?
Let go of the ball
Now who are you going
to be without it?

Blissful respect,
Emerging Vibrant Woman


Author: Kohava Howard~Emerging Vibrant Woman

I'm Kohava Howard the founder of Emerging Vibrant Woman and the leader of the soul sisterhood circle. I Love to dance, Music, reading, cooking, mediation, Yoga, hiking and Art. A mother of two vibrant teens, I am a facilitator, spiritual teacher, passionate artistic healer and empowering mentor for women I'm a holistic nurse, intuitive soul mentor, and holistic empowerment life coach, I guide and lead courageous women over 40 who are called to lead and empower other women. Get unstuck, break free of their limiting beliefs and awaken their soul’s purpose to flourish.

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