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~Blissful New Moon~

~Blissful new moon~

Fear Can Sabotage Your Success

Happy Fourth of July!

This new moon puts the focus on the most personal areas of life: the home, feelings, emotions, and close relationships – particularly with women. This is a great opportunity to get things off your chest, especially relationship issues. Conversations with women, and family members specifically, will be emotionally nourishing.

Lena Stevens from The Power Path says, “We could also say that this month is all about love; transforming fear into power through love, transforming doubt into confidence through love, transforming old emotional wounds into great wisdom through love.”

Empower ~ By Asking Questions

Lately I’m facing some challenges; I like challenges, they force me to evolve. I’m working on my fear of being visible and “out there” globally. I tell you what, it’s not as easy as I thought! It’s a process of letting go of doubts – What was I thinking? What will everyone say? Will too many people see it and/or criticize my work?

I had to start looking at it in a new way – Why do I want to do it?

Because I have a lot to say globally. To empower women to reach their full potential and live an authentic life. And because I know I’m good at it. OK, so I got that part done…

Now I’m writing the script and will start rehearsing for the camera. This part is a tricky one!

Next is posting it everywhere. WOW, that part seems overwhelming!

Embrace ~ TransformationBlackbird

To get past my worries, I started journaling. I am really feeling the response in my body when I ask myself:

  • What am I getting out of holding back from being more visible?
  • What is my version of the worst-case scenario?
  • What are the benefits of putting myself out there?
  • What do I fear losing?
  • Am I ready to be vulnerable?
  • What are the benefits from being visible?

Evolve ~ Letting Go

The more I let go of the doubt, the more powerful I feel. But none of us are immune to stumbling blocks. Take some time this new moon to embrace your challenges AND transformation!

Empowering Steps to Overcome My Fears

1. I meditate every day to clear brain clutter and visualize true success.

2. I sought out and now participate in a mastermind group – a lovely group of entrepreneurial women. Check it out http://www.koachingwithkara.com/

3. I talk about it openly and write about it here. Talking about it is sending it to the universe, and it’s amazing all the messages I get each day.

4. I write my specific goals and post them everywhere on sticky notes.

5. I take one small step every day toward my goal.

6. I write about the topics I would like to talk about.

7. I write the script and send it to be edited.

8. I reach out to my best friend to rehearse with me. That is a confidence booster!
I know that over time it’s going to be second nature, and I won’t have to go with these exact steps.
I know I will overcome this fear and be authentically visible.
I feel the excitement within as I write this newsletter.

Blissful Love,


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I'm Kohava Howard the founder of Emerging Vibrant Woman and the leader of the soul sisterhood circle. I Love to dance, Music, reading, cooking, mediation, Yoga, hiking and Art. A mother of two vibrant teens, I am a facilitator, spiritual teacher, passionate artistic healer and empowering mentor for women I'm a holistic nurse, intuitive soul mentor, and holistic empowerment life coach, I guide and lead courageous women over 40 who are called to lead and empower other women. Get unstuck, break free of their limiting beliefs and awaken their soul’s purpose to flourish.

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