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Your Body Holds the Answers for Your Transformation

~Blissful new moon~

Your Body Holds the Answers for Your Transformation

This new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new 28 day cycle. Behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start.

We are all using self-help tools to improve our lives, but still struggling with challenges when it comes to creating the life we really want.  Yes, it’s part of being human.

Empower ~ Your Memories

Our body holds our memories within its tissues that are shaped by our stories, thoughts, and emotions. Some of these can be destructive, and might lead to chronic illnesses & depression.  Each woman carries her wounds and traumas in a different part of her body.

Embrace ~ Your Body

The main reasons that we get stuck is because our body holds the past locked in – the result of stress, injuries, and unresolved patterns. Being a positive thinker is great, but can be challenging at times. Therefore, your body must be changed FIRST, before your thinking can change. Doing the right things and living a healthy lifestyle won’t be enough unless we are fully present and connected with awareness to our bodies. Once we feel connected with our bodies on the inside – tapping into our physical body – transformation will unfold naturally.

Evolve ~ Feel From Withindance

Often when I teach therapeutic movements, I see women frustrated with not getting the moves right and perfect. I guide by telling them it’s not about doing the move perfectly, it’s about feeling it from within your body. What is it telling you, listen to the rhythm, make the move authentically yours. Claim it!

Connect within – with all the feelings, wounds and shadows. They are part of us; we can’t reject them. Begin to feel the connection inside of your somatic energy to transform, creating a sense of courage, freedom, power, flexibility, and authenticity.

 3 Steps to Tune Into Your Body for Vibrant Transformation

1. Acceptance of the feelings: Notice and fully accept the feelings in your body. Not numbing them, but fully allowing yourself to have the experience without trying to get out of it. For instance, if a feeling of anger arises, feel it vibrating within, talk to it. Where is it coming from? Learn to work with it, instead of letting it control you. You instantly allow for a new emotion and behavior to show up.

2. Awareness of the moment: Become aware of the sensations and feedback in your body without any attachment or story. Observe the feelings of breath, movement, and energy fully as your body breathes awareness! Not just thinking it in your mind; you have got to feel it through your physical body. Be aware of the stress that is being triggered right when it is happening. When you do this in the “heat of the moment,” you’ve already done most of the work. And over time the awareness will become easy to master.

3. Acknowledgement of the feeling in your body: Your body needs to know that you acknowledge its feelings –  look at it as a compassionate gesture to your body. Give a voice to the experience. For example, you feel sadness in your solar plexus, place your hand on it and say “I feel sad right here.” Give it some recognition, and see how slowly it dissolves. Do not just say “I’m fine, all is ok” and shut the feelings down.

Blissful Love,


Author: Kohava Howard~Emerging Vibrant Woman

I'm Kohava Howard the founder of Emerging Vibrant Woman and the leader of the soul sisterhood circle. I Love to dance, Music, reading, cooking, mediation, Yoga, hiking and Art. A mother of two vibrant teens, I am a facilitator, spiritual teacher, passionate artistic healer and empowering mentor for women I'm a holistic nurse, intuitive soul mentor, and holistic empowerment life coach, I guide and lead courageous women over 40 who are called to lead and empower other women. Get unstuck, break free of their limiting beliefs and awaken their soul’s purpose to flourish.

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