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~Blissful New Moon~

~Blissful new moon~

What do you do when you get hurt emotionally?

Summer is almost over! How was yours?

I had a great, vibrant summer with my family. Here is a picture of us at the Delicate Arch in Moab, Utah.Delicate Arch

It is September! The kids are back to school – I wish for them an amazing journey! 
But now it is time for YOU to regroup.

The new moon is all about positive changes, finding clarity regarding your future goals, and a better understanding of the direction that your life is taking. 

This lunation, and the solar eclipse, give you many possibilities and you can rightly put yourself in front of new plans for the future.

Empower ~ Understanding “Time”
When our body is hurt, we know what to do – we go to the doctor or put on a bandage. But when our soul, energetic core, and spirit get hurt it takes a while to fix it. We often wait for the “best time” before we reach out to ask for help. They say time will heal – this is often true… but time can do some other things to our soul: create walls of protection, attract the same wound again, create distance from our surroundings and in our relationships, or numb us much like some medications.

Embrace ~ Positive Not Negative
When we get emotionally hurt, our system of well-being is under attack. The immediate response is to instantly do what your body and your brain have known all your life. At times, when hurt, we get into our ego state – we want to hurt back. Or we feel like we have been thrown way down to a dark place of fear that we can’t face. So we numb those feelings – with alcohol, shopping, antidepressants, gambling, drugs, perfectionism, or a number of other negative coping mechanisms.

Evolve ~ Journal It

Every hurt can create a dent in your soul and spirit that your body holds within. How are you dealing with these dents? Are you shutting yourself off and not talking about it? Or are you verbalizing it? And how do you verbalize – is it with anger, assertiveness? What are positive things can you do when you get hurt emotionally?

Empowering Steps to Heal Emotional Wounds

Learn the tools for how to release knotted wounds and traumas that your body holds.

If you would like to know more, contact me for a 30 minute FREE session: in person, by phone, Skype, or Google Hangout.

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Love to dance, Yoga, Music,and Art. I am a facilitator, spiritual teacher, passionate artistic healer and empowering mentor for women. My goal for all my clients is that they will reach their highest potential by finding their inner unique strength that enhances health and well being-which starts from within.

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