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Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse

flower-2019057_1920Today’s new moon is a highly sensitive energy and indeed powerful. It is about changes, powerful experiences of self-exploration, and diving deep inside to explore the subconscious. Hold on tight!

The new moon represents beginnings. The Moon & the Sun are creating frequencies and energy waves that influence the tides, and all life forms on Earth, including human behavior & consciousness.

The New Moon is a great time to set your intentions, write down goals, or begin new projects for the new cycle. Consider sitting in ceremony – light a candle, take a moment to reflect, or practice personal meditation. Affirm to the Universe your intentions & inner-most, heartfelt desires for the cycle. When writing your intention, be specific, allowing yourself to feel it, not just think it. Let it rise from within you. It must feel right and true to you.

Make the best of this powerful cycle, and be patient with everyone around you, just by noticing and listening.
Just by being.


Loving you,

What is Reiki?

“According to the National Institutes of Health’s National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, reiki is a healing method based on an Eastern belief in an energy that supports the body’s natural ability to heal.”

A good article with more information can be found HERE.

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How to Discover Your Authentic Self

The new moon happening on January 27th represents new beginnings. Set your intention for 2017 – start with discovering yourself first. It’s a time to emerge and live as your authentic self. It’s time to live your truth and embrace it. Spread your wings and fly like a butterfly! Use this month as an amazing chance to tap into the purpose of your soul.

“By finding and choosing to be your most authentic and loving self, you will leave a trail of magic everywhere you go.” ~unknown

~ Empower ~ Your Mind

Many of us experience a yearning desire to awaken our unique gifts and offer them to the world. Our desire is a re-awakening of self, with the courage to carry out the process of transformation. To be authentic, we must make authentic choices and allow natural expressions such as acceptance, strength, courage, compassion, joy, and love shine through.

Let change become your new beginning.

Allow your natural expressions to emerge from your soul: you don’t have to create them, they are already there.

~ Embrace ~ Your True Self

Use the power from within to reflect on an area of your life you want to change or create, and take responsibility for it. This journey begins by letting go of old beliefs and patterns. This allows you to make room for new beliefs and have the capacity to empower yourself to awaken and live your higher purpose.

Connect and listen to your yearnings, your deepest longings are the seeds of your potential, so go ahead and plant them! Begin the process of manifesting your greatest visions – by using your intuition you become fully connected to your inner guidance and gain an intimate knowledge of your authentic self. You gain awareness from the inside out. Knowing that each of us has an authentic and unique style, and we can manifest it every day and in magical ways.

~ Evolve ~ Journal It!

Just as the caterpillar’s soul begins to activate the transformation of random cells into butterfly, so is our soul guiding us to evolve. Yes, I believe that it’s dancing butterfly time!

Take a lesson from the butterfly and let it remind you that growth and change do not have to be hard. By cracking out of our cocoons, we begin to look for new, exciting adventures to pursue. See life as an art and a work in progress. Unleash your authentic self and make the best of it with every choice that you make.

Ask yourself ~ what measures will I take today that will take me closer to my goal?

5 Ways to Create Your Authentic Self

1. Begin to Use Your Power from Within
Power Statement: I am a capable; I am a wise, connected, resourceful woman. I commit to use the power I naturally extend to others on my own behalf.

2. Step into Your Identity
Power Statement: I am a powerful creator. I align with the story of my power and the possibilities for my life and future.3. Turn Toward Your Yearnings
Ask yourself: “What do I most yearn to experience, express, create, and contribute?”


4. Create From the Inside
Power Statement: I’m committing to creating my yearnings, and I let go of wanting and/or waiting.

5. Nurture Yourself, Reflect, and Keep Building
Power Statement: An acorn becomes an oak tree through growing as itself. I realize my destiny by using everything that happens as fuel for my evolution.

Bliss & Peace,

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Hello Beautiful Ladies ~ Blissful new moon and peaceful NEW YEAR!

New moons are about change and new beginnings. The December 29 New Moon will inspire you with passion, romance, and motivation. It represents the end of an energy, perhaps a situation or a relationship, that you need to let go of. Use this new moon for self-improvement and inner peace during this period of transition. This month is about taking many baby steps and adjusting your direction as you go. As you adjust, what needs to be improved in your life becomes clearer.

Self-Love ~ It’s a challenge you CAN master!

“Self-love, it’s a challenge to master.” I saw this comment on one of my Facebook posts last week and every comment was similar. Is self-love hard to master? When I heard it I was so confused – I don’t remember what it means not to love myself fully. I guess I have taken it for granted, but for many women out there, it IS hard to master self-love. Let me guide you as you take those first baby steps!

“Self-love requires you to be honest about your current choices and thought patterns and undertake new practices that reflect self-worth.” ~Caroline Kirk

~ Empower ~ Embrace ~ Evolve ~

Empower Your Mind ~ What is Self-Love?

Self-Love is:
When you love your body unconditionally

Thanking your body for carrying you all these years

When you say ‘I love you’ to yourself

When you love all your wounds and shadows – without judging them in your mind

When you feel all of it in your soul and understand that your body is not a thing – it is ‘me’ and it needs love and compassion

How do you find an inner peace and a self-love that allows you to fulfill your true potential? Don’t let fear be in control. You are always choosing between fear and love. That’s it. Set the intention to see yourself as loving and powerful, and the unloving fearful thoughts will fall away.
Be proactive without going into impatience or martyrdom; make a commitment to yourself for an improvement in some area of your life. Be patient and accepting with yourself while you are finding creative solutions to obstacles in your life. Find unconditional love for yourself without self judgment. Life seems to work out when you have self-love first.

Embrace ~ Your True Self

Improvement is change and usually always requires letting go of something that is no longer needed. This is a great time to study your fear patterns and change your beliefs. The main idea behind IMPROVEMENT is communication with our true self. What do I want? How would I like to do it? What do I wish to manifest from this improvement?

Evolve From Within ~ Journal It

How to Practice Self-Love
Make this practice first on your resolutions list!

1. Write down one of your body parts that you love. Every day add another part to the list. Try to do it not only in your mind, but rather feel where it is coming from within your body. You will be amazed the stories that your body will tell you. Dare to do it in front of the mirror!

2. Write 20 characteristics that you respect and admire about yourself.

3. Ask yourself these questions each day: ‘How do I choose to be as a person today? Does it match my list?’

What does self-love mean to you?

Bliss, loving Peace and
Happy New Year,


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Gratitude From the Feminine Soul

Hello Friend,

Let me start by saying how thankful and grateful I am to have you all in my life – for your endless support and love! May you all be happy, protected and safe, supported with strength and health, and may your lives unfold smoothly with grace and ease!

The New Moon on November 29th, in this lunation, is perfect for planting new seeds and starting afresh. It also influences love and romance in a marriage and how successful and satisfying it is. This is a good time to re-examine other close relationships, as well.

 “Gratitude is not a passive response to something given to us. Gratitude is being awake in the presence of everything that lives within and without us. Gratitude is not something that is shown after the event. It is the deep, a-priori state of attention that shows we understand and are equal to the gifted nature of life.” ~David Whyte

~Empower Your Mind~

Experience the transformative power of gratitude.

Gratitude is a stance of the soul, and reflects your relationship with the sacred space within. Gratitude is the ground from which you create all measure of success in your life. If you want to create magic in your life, inhabit an attitude of gratitude.

Know that if you want more wonder in your life, start with gratitude. And if you want to be in gratitude, be open to wonder. This is how you infuse your life with true magic. This is how your life becomes magical.

~Embrace Your True Self~

Our lives are filled with moments of greatness, reminding us that we are alive. Gratitude requires you to validate yourself and your life because everything in life is a precious gift.

Women who consistently practice gratitude attract more goodness to their lives. Living in a state of gratitude activates your feminine soul magic. Once you shift into a place of gratitude, you will look clearly and more positively at everything.

~Evolve from Within~ Journal It

You will need two journals. Make it a ritual every night before bed, write about what you were grateful for that day ~ it’s often the small things that matter most!

~ In the first journal, write everything you are grateful for about yourself. Write about how you are grateful for arms that can hug, a soul that can love, a smile that is contagious, your feet that dance gracefully, or anything else that makes you who you are.

~ In the second journal, write about all the things you are grateful for in your life. List the things that make you happy, like soft grass, the moving clouds, teens’ talk and laughter, or a husband that turns the coffee pot on so it’s fresh and warm for you when you get up in the morning!

To help you along the way, I’ve created a FREE pdf download for you:

15 Ways to Attract More Gratitude Into Your Life

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I Am SO Grateful For You!

Blissful love,

~Blissful new moon~

Let’s talk about emotions & feelings

Hello Beautiful Soul Sisters Tribe!

The theme for this new moon is all about being optimistic and dreaming big! Make new plans for the future; heal old habits, behaviors, and beliefs; and explore new ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and write down a to-do list.
My webinar last week was an amazing new experience for me. I’m stepping out and healing my old wounds and shadows. It feels amazingly great to evolve and learn new things!
“Deep feelings come from an unchanging belief about life that holds our identity together, while our emotions are purely physically based.” –John Voris

Empower ~ Feelings & Emotions

Although feelings and emotions are related, there is a difference between emotions and feelings. Feelings express your true identity, while emotions reveal how you have been taught to respond to events in your life. They both serve you in their own unique way. Feelings are led by emotions.

Embrace ~ Feelings VS. Emotions

Feelings tell us “how to live Emotions tell us what we “like” and “dislike
Feelings alert us to anticipated dangers 
and prepare us for action
Emotions alert us to immediate dangers 
and prepare us for action
Feelings ensure long-term survival of
self (body and mind)
Emotions ensure immediate survival of
self (body and mind)
Feelings are low-key but sustainable Emotions are intense but temporary
Happiness is a feeling Joy is an emotion
Worry is a feeling Fear is an emotion
Contentment is a feeling Enthusiasm is an emotion
Bitterness is a feeling Anger is an emotion
Love is a feeling Lust is an emotion
Resource: John Voris

Knowing who you truly are, and living fully with knowing the difference between sustained feelings and temporary emotions, is empowering! 

Evolve ~ Journal It

Learn to feel the feelings and embrace all of your emotions fully without labeling them, and work on expressing them authentically to yourself.

Sweet sister, it is time to heal your mind, body, and soul. Whether your wounds are physical, mental, conscious, or unconscious, now is the time to focus on healing them. Be courageous and take the first step. If and when you want to change your emotions, know that you can do so easily and safely within minutes by learning the tools of self-awareness. Try different wellness modalities, such as yoga, laughter yoga, Reiki, Therapeutic Movements, sound healing, and many more.
I teach some of these tools in my webinar.
A free replay link is at the bottom of this page.

Blissful Love,

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Inspiring Song

Alessia Cara – Scars to Your Beautiful

How to Manage Overthinking with Ease

The theme for the new moon happening on September 30 is all about the emergence of new, exciting goals. Dreams of love and money can come true in this happy and optimistic new moon.
Also during this new moon I will be preparing for and celebrating the
holiday of Rosh Hashanah. This is the Jewish New Year and we hope for a year of sweet thoughts and health. L’Shanah Tovah to all who are celebrating!

These days I’m stepping into being visible globally – I’m working on my first webinar ever (see below for more information)! I’ll tell you, it’s not coming easily nor naturally to me. These tasks involve tremendous time using my mind – thinking, planning, and connecting it all. My mission, though, is to make it as fun and authentic to me as possible.
However, I have begun to overthink during my planning. Yes, we all overthink, it’s just part of who we are as humans, but doing so can possibly elevate our stress or cloud our judgment. Being unclear, we might feel negative, lack confidence, have trouble sleeping, clench our teeth, talk too fast or not at all.
Sometimes we make up stories in our head because we are worried about everything. We get stuck in that story, and each day different aspects and perceptions in it grow. We get into the vicious cycle of overthinking. Do you ever find yourself in this position?

~ Empower ~ Embrace ~ Evolve ~

Steps to Manage Overthinking – with Ease!

1. Be aware of overthinking in the moment, and take a step back. Reflect on the thought and ask yourself: Why am I thinking too much? Why am I thinking about this? Why am I thinking this way? Is it worth my thinking or my energy? Is it true or only a worry?
     In this exercise, practice taking control over the thought, so it doesn’t get bigger and overwhelming. It will help you make sense of it and minimize any stress that comes with it.
2. Try not to anticipate what will go wrong. Spiral thinking leads to fearing things that my go wrong. When facing this fear, turn it around and visualize what can go right for you.
3. See everything in perspective. Try not to make issues bigger than what they truly are. Be aware of the moments, and ask yourself if it is worth your thoughts.
4. Know that we can’t anticipate the future. Worrying about the future that hasn’t come yet is a waste of your time. Bring yourself to the present moment, and say, “Everything in the future will happen with my worry or without it. I may as well enjoy the moment!”
5. Let’s practice being grateful for the things we have, rather than what we don’t have. Make a list of the things you are grateful for in your life, place it in a visible place, add more things every day. I do this every night. Just be thankful!
6. Overthinking can make you feel that you are not good enough, not hardworking enough, not dedicated enough or failing. Make your best effort to show up every day by saying “Today I’m doing my best with the things that I can change, but not control.”
This eye movement exercise will help you instantly be in the present moment and slow down racing thoughts:
Take a moment in the day to sit comfortably. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, lift your pupils up (while your eyes are closed – don’t over-extend or frown), then let them sink down slowly. Repeat this for a minute or two. Don’t hold your breath when practicing eye movement exercises.

Over thinking is something that anyone can experience. The trick is how to have a great system for dealing with it every day, to reduce the symptoms that come with overthinking – like being anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed. Practice being aware of how to turn overthinking into something useful, productive, and effective.

Blissful & Peace,

The 3 Essential Steps for Vibrant Transformation

Are you stuck in old emotional patterns, and don’t like it?

Do you find yourself frustrated, with constant guilt?

I understand how you feel – constantly second guessing if I behave okay, did I say the right things, or hoping I didn’t hurt anyone.

Would you like to understand yourself better, and be aware of your emotions?

Join me on Wednesday, October 18th at 7:00 p.m. Eastern.
Replay available to all who register.


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Open House
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~Blissful new moon~

What do you do when you get hurt emotionally?

Summer is almost over! How was yours?

I had a great, vibrant summer with my family. Here is a picture of us at the Delicate Arch in Moab, Utah.Delicate Arch

It is September! The kids are back to school – I wish for them an amazing journey! 
But now it is time for YOU to regroup.

The new moon is all about positive changes, finding clarity regarding your future goals, and a better understanding of the direction that your life is taking. 

This lunation, and the solar eclipse, give you many possibilities and you can rightly put yourself in front of new plans for the future.

Empower ~ Understanding “Time”
When our body is hurt, we know what to do – we go to the doctor or put on a bandage. But when our soul, energetic core, and spirit get hurt it takes a while to fix it. We often wait for the “best time” before we reach out to ask for help. They say time will heal – this is often true… but time can do some other things to our soul: create walls of protection, attract the same wound again, create distance from our surroundings and in our relationships, or numb us much like some medications.

Embrace ~ Positive Not Negative
When we get emotionally hurt, our system of well-being is under attack. The immediate response is to instantly do what your body and your brain have known all your life. At times, when hurt, we get into our ego state – we want to hurt back. Or we feel like we have been thrown way down to a dark place of fear that we can’t face. So we numb those feelings – with alcohol, shopping, antidepressants, gambling, drugs, perfectionism, or a number of other negative coping mechanisms.

Evolve ~ Journal It

Every hurt can create a dent in your soul and spirit that your body holds within. How are you dealing with these dents? Are you shutting yourself off and not talking about it? Or are you verbalizing it? And how do you verbalize – is it with anger, assertiveness? What are positive things can you do when you get hurt emotionally?

Empowering Steps to Heal Emotional Wounds

Learn the tools for how to release knotted wounds and traumas that your body holds.

If you would like to know more, contact me for a 30 minute FREE session: in person, by phone, Skype, or Google Hangout.

Please Note: I’m excited to share with you my new place located in:
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Blissful Love,