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Kohava Howard

IMG_20150107_175145Messages From The Feminine Soul

Lovely Woman,

You are a courageous woman

That values herself

You are allowing yourself to emerge

From your cocoon

It’s time to

Empower your mind with writing

IMG_20150107_175143Embrace your true self with creativity

Evolve from within with movements

Hugging you,

Emerging Vibrant Woman

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womenoftheworldunite2011forglobalfundsubmission2014Messages From The Feminine Soul

You are the master

Of your destiny

And it is your free will

That takes first place

Master it and you will

Emerge victorious



Emerging Vibrant Woman

Young Girl Jumping Off Cliff Into Water

Messages From The Feminine Soul

I am on the edge of a cliff

I am at a crossroads

I have reached a dead-end

I am carrying the world on my shoulders

Now say:

I am free like a bird

I am light like a feather

I see my journey clearly

I am floating

I am manifesting my future


With Bliss,

Emerging Vibrant Woman

335b34d8c42cb1430ab7ff200b8cdabbMessages From The Feminine Soul

When you speak fast
You are worried
About not being heard
Or not being understood
Know, when you speak slowly
And clearly
From your soul
Everyone around you
Will listen
Emerging vibrant woman

This amazing Painting created by Heather Shirin  http://heathershirin.com

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art-girl-wolfMessages From the Feminine Soul

A soulful wild-woman

Celebrates the feminine within

Celebrates inner uniqueness

Celebrates midlife wisdom

Celebrates healing by sharing

Celebrates sensuality without apology

Celebrates being creative

Celebrates strength without harshness

Celebrates speaking her own truth

Celebrates just by being

A soulful wild-woman

Helps other women to open up

To the infinite possibilities

Soulful love,

Emerging vibrant woman

Love_HelpingHand_Corbis620Messages From The Feminine Soul


Know you are not alone

Look at your tribe

Of sisters and brothers

From all walks of life

From around the globe

Embrace the light.

Soak up the knowledge

By seeking unity

Of soul sisters

So, reach out…

Infinite love,

Emerging Vibrant Woman