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The Five Pathways to Empower, Awaken & reclaim Your Soul Purpose


A Personal growth program to releasing fear and doubt, accomplish goals, manifest abundance, and handle transition with ease.

Finding balance during this amazing time of transition poses a challenge!  Is it possible to transcend these times of change with ease and inner peace?

Are you ready to face the wounds and shadows that hold you back to live authentic life?Do you yearn for more clarity and answers? you wish to love your body from the inside out?

You will:

~ Release painful shadows from the past;

~Rediscover your authentic self 

~Reclaim your beautiful inner feminine power.

~Understand and make sense of your own inner journey and life purpose.

~Learn the body unspoken language and patterns, which gives you tremendous freedom to     make choices 

Are you courageous enough:

~ to open up and take the leap to learn new things?

 ~To evolve and grow?

~ To improve your relationships and unleash your creativity?

 ~ To find your voice, thrive and become fully alive?

“An Empowered Woman is an emerging, vibrant woman who listens and dances to the rhythms of her soul, who evolves from within and reclaims her beautiful unique self” ~ Emerging Vibrant Woman

lienne-triple-goddessRevive and reclaim life after 40

Are you ready to create a meaningful vibrant and healthy life?

Our body holds our memories within its tissues, that shaped by our stories, thoughts, and emotions, some of them can be destructive, and can lead to chronic illnesses & depression.

Midlife for woman can be challenging yet empowering and creative times to let go of old patterns, identities and move into a new territory. It’s time of reinvention and exciting adventures. Time to use your experience, and wisdom you acquired over the years to live authentic life.
This Wellness program designed for woman over 40 who want to revive their life with more fun and creativity.

Experiences through therapeutic movements -is moving your body with awareness without the judgment. Somatic therapy, meditation, The Chakra system, reflective writing – journaling, art and a lot more.

As a women, mother and nurse, I have devoted over twenty-five years of my life to helping women.   I am passionate about guiding women to listen to their body’s wisdom and its ability to heal itself; to awaken their inner self; to live with their vulnerability without blame or shame; and remain resilient and strong in the face of all life’s obstacles

“I am creating a community of women, because when authentic women come together it’s not just beautiful, it’s empowering.” ~ Emerging Vibrant Woman

(check the program outline below).

What participant say:IMG_20150107_175135

~ “I attended with the thought…sounds like a good idea but I am a hard nut to crack. The nut was cracked…thankfully!! “Emerging Vibrant Woman” is a blast! Journaling, once hard, became easy, Dancing began to flow so easily. I met so many incredible women. I will continue to work at what I discovered about myself. Kohava is very passionate about what she does. She is a very gifted healer, dancer, facilitator and woman. Blessings,” ~ Kim Potvin, RN ( May 2015)

No prior experience needed, every woman can do it!

Just let go and let your body flow…

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To register simply call Kohava @ 970-2082503 OR contact me by email, see below.


The five  Pathways to Empower & Awaken Your Feminine Soul

program outline !

Week 1 ~ The First Pathway ~

Reconnect ~ with your feminine passion and find self-awareness

– The caterpillar stage: We are looking for answers, hungering for knowledge, and looking for a clear path.

Week 2 ~ The Second Pathway

Mind, body and soul clean up ~ release fears and doubts

– The cocoon stage: We are going within to find answers, embracing and loving the fear so you can let it go.

Week 3 ~ The Third Pathway

Self reflection ~ reclaiming your shadow

The cocoon stage: By revealing the shadows and wounds, we will begin the healing process.

Week 4 ~ The Fourth Pathway

Be clear ~ rediscover your voice, vision, goals and power

– The cocoon stage: By cracking out of our shells we begin to look for new, exciting adventures to pursue.

Week 5 ~ The Fifth Pathway

Emerging vibrant woman ~ make it happen, live your dream

The Butterfly Stage: Let change become your new beginning! By using your intuition, you become fully connected to your inner guidance and gain an intimate knowledge of your authentic self.

~ Empower Your Mind with writing ~ Embrace Your True Self with creativity ~

                        ~ Evolve from Within through movements~

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