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Mentoring Wise and Courageous Women to Flourish

Meet Kohava

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             943096_10200120941965976_362061772_n   By profession, Kohava Howard is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) with over 25 years of experience. She completed her studies in Israel and served her compulsory military service in nursing in 1987.
A devoted mother of two,  a passionate artistic spiritual healer, holistic nurse, wellness coach, and specialize in therapeutic movements. She uses all of her experiences to mentor girls and women to move their body mindfully, create space for self-care, access their potential, and find unique strengths that enhance their health and well-being. Kohava is the founder of Emerging Vibrant Woman ~ The 5 Pathways to Empower and Awaken your Feminine Soul.
In 1996, moving to a different country meant obtaining certifications in both Canada and the United States in order to continue practicing as a nurse. She added to her education in these two countries by earning certifications as an Aromatherapy Practitioner, Reflexologist,  Reiki Master and Somatic Therapy – mind body integration.(with over 13 years of experience working with the chakra system and guided meditation). These added certifications allowed her to expand her nursing horizons in a holistic manner that addresses multiple dimensions of healing through the mind, body and spirit.
She now combines her extensive professional knowledge with her personal experiences to help others cope with life challenges, focusing on brain function and healthy lifestyles. She has worked extensively with women of all ages…tweens, teens, middle-aged, and the elderly.
In 2003, Kohava was introduced to “Let Your Yoga Dance” while living in Toronto. She became certified to teach tpicture of mehis in 2009 from the Kripalu Center. But that wasn’t enough! In 2011, she received an additional certification to instruct “Let Your Yoga Dance for Special Populations”. With this, she has not only taught special population groups geared towards the elderly and physically limited, but also with Alzheimer’s patients…combining the yoga dance program with brain gym exercises.
In 2008, Kohava became involved with “Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing”, an international organization focused on the development and emotional well-being of “tween” and teen-aged girls. She lead this group for 5 years. She has also pursued healing artistically through the manufacture of jewelry influenced by the Mediterranean styles and influences she grew up with.
In 2012, she received certification to teach Rainbow Kids Yoga and used that knowledge to teach a unique program at her children’s school during their standardized testing schedule to help improve the children’s physical and mental capacity to perform during tests.
All of these certifications and trainings have led Kohava to develop safe, holistic and non-judgmental programs for women of all ages.
When you participate in her programs, you experience a transformation so complete that it hel100_7078ps you step into your power and your strength. It allows you to truly reflect on your Self, to learn how to be creative, to move flowingly, to meditate peacefully, to let go of the stress of daily living and be in the moment.
Kohava will guide you to move gracefully and give yourself permission to be…without judgment of self or others.

“Kohava shares her radiant and energetic spirit through her Yoga Dance classes, and everyone comes away with a more joyful outlook on life and a feeling of connectedness with all the other students.”
-Heidi Hoffman Ham, Student


more specialties:

Let Your Yoga Dance for Special Populations

is a unique combination of fun and easy dance moves, simple yoga poses and breath work, accompanied by great music… while sitting on a chair!

There are many people with special needs that may be impaired from moving freely:
– Elderly
– Multiple Sclerosis

– Fibromyalgia
– Arthritis
– Breast Cancer
– Chronic Pain Diseases
– Parkinson’s Disease
– or other debilitating ailments or conditions

Let Your Yoga Dance in a chair is a great workout and a joyful way to achieve better physical health and sense of well-being.

Those who participate in Yoga Dance will benefit from increased strength and reduced levels of chronic pain, and feel balanced and happy from the inside out. You will have fun no matter what your challenges may be and no previous yoga or dance experience is required. Some benefits you can achieve through regular attendance are:
– Increased range of movement
– Increased activation of all the senses
– Increased strength and flexibility
– Mind-body and spiritual stimulation
– Increased confidence and body awareness
– Increased brain activity through musical and physical stimulation
– Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system
– Healing from the inside out while seated and having fun!


RKY grad logoRAINBOW KIDS YOGA ~ Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

Yoga for Kids and Families 

We believe that kids learn best when they’re  having fun!

Each Rainbow Kids Yoga class is alive with magical journeys where we meet with animals, fly an airplane or drive a car, grow into a tree or imitate the ocean waves, all in the form of dynamic yoga poses.  We use music and song, lots of silly props, games, stories, relaxation and visualization, meditation, Mandela painting and more.  The kinesthetic, aural, visual, intra- and interpersonal aspects of each class help keep kids involved and focused while having fun.

Yoga helps children see the beauty within themselves, boosting their self-confidence,

156477_10151140524148437_2125142869_nallowing them to feel more comfortable with their bodies, and helping them get in touch with who they are inside, and to learn a healthy lifestyle. A child who learns yoga will be developing essential skills for a lifetime of health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.


The following are just some of the recognized benefits of yoga for children of all ages at school and elsewhere:


  • Assists neuromuscular development
  • Promotes development of the vestibular system (sensory system)
  • Encourages mid-line crossing motions – motor development on both sides of the body/brain
  • Develops a strong and flexible body
  • Increases balance, coordination and motor skills
  • Develops core strength, essential for good posture and correct physical alignment
  •  Reduces injuries and improves performance
  • Improves digestion, circulation and elimination
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Relaxes the body, promoting better sleep


  • Relieves tension, stress and anxiety (such as pre-test or performance jitters)
  • Increases concentration, comprehension, focus and attention span
  • Promotes thinking and memory
  • Stimulates auditory processing and responsiveness
  • Expands imagination and creativity
  • Balances energy
  • Provides opportunities for reflection
  • Reduces impulsivity and reactivity


  • Builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Supports character development and emotional intelligence
  • Enhances team skills and social interaction
  • Develops discipline and self-control; balances emotions
  • Supports individuality and self-expression
  • Encourages social and environmental awareness and responsibility
  • Supports a sense of universal connectedness
  • Inspires respect for self and others
  • Improves listening skills
  • Offers students healthy ways for expression
  • Provides opportunities for beneficial motor breaks throughout the day

Benefits of Yoga in the School Setting

Health and wellness, and character education and consideration for others (no bullying) are common themes, all focusing on educating the whole child – mind, body and spirit.  Yoga, by nature, supports this learning.

  • Supports curricular objectives, including literacy, math, social studies, science, health and physical education
  • Supports social interaction, team-building, a sense of community and harmony within the student and teachers
  • Empowers students to support their own health and well-being, in and out of the classroom
  • Promotes a more relaxed, comfortable state of being – the perfect state for teaching and learning
  • Supports anti-bullying education
  • Helps create an atmosphere of confidence, enthusiasm and non-competitiveness where everyone can succeed
  • Provides opportunities for beneficial motor breaks throughout the day
  • Supports social and emotional learning
  • Wakes up sluggish minds and creativity as needed
  • Enhances organizational and communication skills
  • Improves posture, better enabling students to sit comfortably for long periods

For more information, visit : rainbowkidsyoga.net