Kohava Howard

Mentoring Wise and Courageous Women to Flourish

Holistic Wellness & Therapeutic Movements Coach

 Intuitive, Holistic and Empowering Approach to Health and Wellness ~Mentoring Courageous Women to Flourish Throughout Mid-Life Cycle ~

“When I first met Kohava almost three months ago, there was an instant connection. Since then, she has helped me to let go of the past in order to discover “what’s next” in my “newest chapter” of life! She is truly a gift sent to me from above!!”  Bunnie Busto Hall 2015

Are you a vibrant & wise woman over 40, that would like to know …

How to untangle old patterns, annoying habits, overwhelming thinking, inner critic..?

Do you find yourself giving much of yourself to others and over-doing things in your life to the point where you feel exhausted and stressed?picture of me

Would you like to Awaken and Empower your Feminine Soul?

Are you ready to embrace a Healthy transformation?

Kohava will guide you on how to listen to your body wisdom,  its ability to heal itself and  immersing yourself in all of the qualities, talents, and abilities that you are creating for growth. In a session with Kohava, she intuitively uses therapeutic and holistic art modalities that include:

  • Intuitive soul reading (Osho Card) Using cards for gaining an understanding of the here and now. Touching the soul.
  • Journal writing Using writing exercises to empower yourself and awaken your awareness.
  • Somatic Therapy- Is an embodied experience that makes no distinction between body and mind. Exploring the root of trauma and illness. Relieving chronic stress with movements. http://www.traumahealing.org/index.php
  • Guided Meditation-Focusing on stillness or gentle movements, being in the moment. Some benefits of meditation: Improving your memory, stress relief, improving your ability to think clearly, increasing productivity and creativity. Click here to learn more
  • EFT-(Emotional Freedom Technique) – Tapping- based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional concern. http://eft.mercola.com/
  • Brain Gym-Using specific movements to improve memory and balance.
  •  Reiki Click here to learn more
  • ReflexologyClick here to learn more
  • Therapeutic movements – While listening to your inner self you release your emotions into motion. Healing your body one dance step at the time.
  • Music -Songs & poems are ancient methods for relaxation and happiness. Words have powerful messages and combining rhythm, words and mindfulness deepens their positive benefits.
  •  Art
  • Chakra Systems– Click here to learn more
  •  And many other systems to activate your authentic self.

This is provoking, experiential, empowering, playful, and contemplative one-on-one mentoring program designed to heighten your awareness, enabling you to experience a unique personal metamorphosis starting from within.

“Kohava is amazing. She has helped me change my life for the better. Her mentoring skills are outstanding and combined with her Reiki and reflexology she makes me feel alive and well.” Donna Klein 2014 / 2015
  • You will begin to make sense of your inner journey and life’s purpose.Kohava Howard
  • You will see quick results, feel clear and empowered.
  • You will learn how to transform your vulnerabilities into strengths.
  • You will learn to untangle yourself from habitual patterns that don’t serve you.
  • You will reconnect, embrace and heal your body.
  • You will understand and make sense of your own inner journey and life purpose.


 $75 – one hour and a half session


 Package of 4 –  $245


Package of 3 – $178


Traveling to you – $75


For session with Kohava, call 970-208-2503 or Click Here or email in the form below. Appointments are available in office, on Skype, and over the phone.

What my client say:)

“After our first session, Kohva shared information about additional sessions. I decided to add on those extra sessions. What I wasn’t expecting with those sessions was an opportunity to reflect on why I constantly think, plan, and react. As much as I consider myself an easy going person, I can get revved up about things. Kohava gave me some strategies and techniques to identify my triggers and create more calm in my life.” Laree DeFranco Elementary teacher 2015
I feel very blessed that I was led to Kohava Howard. Kohava has inspired me to be a more calmer and in control person. To not worry about things that I have no control over. She cares about people and helps you to believe in yourself. I had lost my way and really needed to find a purpose, I have changed for the good in many ways and am still a work in progress but starting to live my life for me because I am worth it. I have always been a good person but Kohava has made me an even better person and for that I am grateful. If you feel like you need someone to help you along the way I would whole heartedly recommend Kohava she has a special gift that she is willing to share with us!! Love Sue ,
Susan Hogg 2015
  “Kohava Howard has changed my life. The sessions I had with her were amazing and worth every penny. She gave me values and hope for my future. We explored the past and shed light on my future dreams. For the first time in a long time I feel Iike there is light at the end of the tunnel. She is the kindest and warmest person and she really listens. I would definitely go see her again.”Carolyn Fox 2014


“In the spring of 2014 I was told that I may have a life threatening condition, faced with that news I embarked on a spiritual journey. I set out to find inner peace and tranquility. I have always been a happy person with a positive attitude but I knew I had to do some serious soul-searching. I was looking for someone to help me unlock my inner most feelings of peace.  It is my belief that people are guided to where they are supposed to be according to their destiny.
It is there where I found Kohava Howard, her biography read like music to my ears. I immediately phoned and we spoke as if we were old friends. We set up an appointment and upon meeting her I knew she would help me find clarity, her celestial look and calming voice gave me a sense of peace. Our first session was so enlightening, I found myself wanting more and we immediately set up a second session.  My time spent with Kohava has flowed into all aspects of my life. I find myself echoing her words of wisdom. Kohava will not give you answers instead she will give you the tools to find answers on your own. I highly recommend a session with Kohava; you will be enlightened and spiritually lifted.” ~ Jo Sonberg, RDH, University at Buffalo 2014