Kohava Howard

Mentoring Wise and Courageous Women to Flourish

Messages From The Feminine Soul

Messages From The Feminine Soulblue-hari-woman

My Dear,
I am Your Inner Balance
I’m overflowing with love
I’m connected to my inspiration
I let awareness reveal itself.
Now is the time to take control,
To take all the gifts you have
and share them with the world
I am a harmonious connection
of yin and yang

With Love,
Your Inner Balance

Emerging Vibrant Woman

Messages From the Feminine Soul

Dearest One,
Once in a while you create a reality
Of colorful drama and scary monsters
That leaves you emotionally exhausted.
Dearest, realize it is all an illusion.
It a story on the screen of your mind
Here is a tempting solution
Change the channel to one with love and success.
You can consciously create your own reality
With Respectful love,
Your Inner critic

Emerging Vibrant Woman

Messages From The Feminine Soul

Lovely lady,self-love-heart
Fall in love with yourself
Name all your body parts
that you love
Make a list of all your talents
and all your qualities
Don’t be bashful…
Hang it, read it
Name it for you
That, my love,
IS you

Self love,
Emerging Vibrant Woman

Messages From the Feminine Soul

woman-558378_1920Opening your space
For a new journey
By clearing your blocks
Opening your heart
For a new love
By reviving your heart
Opening your mind
For a new vision
By simply listening
Opening your arms
For a hug
By hugging yourself
Be open for change
By seeing it
As part of the life cycle

I’m open with compassion,
Emerging Vibrant Woman