Kohava Howard

Mentoring Wise and Courageous Women to Flourish


                     ~    What Participants are Saying   ~


“After our first session, Kohva shared information about additional sessions. I decided to add on those extra sessions. What I wasn’t expecting with those sessions was an opportunity to reflect on why I constantly think, plan, and react. As much as I consider myself an easy going person, I can get revved up about things. Kohava gave me some strategies and techniques to identify my triggers and create more calm in my life.” Laree DeFranco Elementary teacher 2015


I feel very blessed that I was led to Kohava Howard. Kohava has inspired me to be a more calmer and in control person. To not worry about things that I have no control over. She cares about people and helps you to believe in yourself. I had lost my way and really needed to find a purpose, I have changed for the good in many ways and am still a work in progress but starting to live my life for me because I am worth it. I have always been a good person but Kohava has made me an even better person and for that I am grateful. If you feel like you need someone to help you along the way I would whole heartedly recommend Kohava she has a special gift that she is willing to share with us!! Love Sue ,
Susan Hogg 2015

                         Jennifer  Nuwer Yoga Instructor


“Before the workshop, I was still holding on to my past issues of being abused. Kohava showed me a different way of looking at past experiences. I was also not feeling supported by the people in my life because I’ve been on my own journey through Yoga, Meditation, workshops. As I continue to learn and grow I have felt disconnected to everyone. During this 5 week journey, I connected to Kohava and other women at the same level. I feel a connection to others again and I am more trusting of others and of life. My favorite things about the 5 week journey is the Dance and doing the Crafts.     I have kept my journal to look back on my progress and the new things I have learned during this Empowering journey with Kohava. It helps to journal your feelings and even the positive things you notice in your own life. I noticed a lot more positive things since I have been journaling.
I’m so grateful for Kohava coming into my life as I continue this journey of mine. Even though had a lot of self-awareness before her 5 week program, I became even more aware of myself and made changes to connect to who I really am”. Jennifer Nuwer Yoga Instructor ( July 2015)


                                           Candace R.D. and Mother

“The classes changed how I saw things in my life. Before the program,I was a very emotional and on edge. Now I step back and view the world around me differently. I am more aware and less emotional. The class helped me see that I was important and had a voice. I received tools to find the true me. I loved the non-judgmental atmosphere. This class is for the woman who is busy or feels stuck in her life. She is doing for others but not herself and needs a change. Kohava is a kind and gentle teacher with an amazing gift. She helps you stretch your boundaries and feel safe at the same time”. Candace R.D. and Mother ( July 2015)

                                             Emily Misseldine (May 2015)


I loved the crafting/creative portion of class. I had forgotten how much fun it is to give yourself over to the spirit of creation without interruptions. It was so freeing and relaxing. Every woman needs to realize how amazing and beautiful she is. This class brought our highest, truest self to the service. Thank you Kohava!” Emily Misseldine (May 2015)


                                 Susie Fox – office manager (May 2015)

“I was surprised by how different each session was and how creative they all were. Kohava creates an environment where you feel you can open up if you wish, but you never feel pressure to share personal feelings if you don’t care to. It was wonderful to feel the support of other women who understand. I highly recommend this program.” Susie Fox – office manager (May 2015)

                                  Denise Miller, LMT, KRM, TCC (May 2015)


“I was hesitant with knowing there was going to be dancing in the class, as I am not much for attracting attention to myself. At the first class, I think we were all a little hesitant, but Kohava made it so much fun that after a short time I was dancing without a care!
I found myself dancing to the music on television commercials and feeling happier, more carefree. What a wonderful burden lifted from me!  I feel more childlike, I have more fun, and I don’t take things so serious. Thank you Kohava for a wonderful experience – I will tell everyone about it! Denise Miller, LMT, KRM, TCC (May 2015)

“Kohava challenges our empowerment and growth as women”image013 Wendy Syron

            image013   Melinda Workman ~ Private Flute/Piano Teacher
Yoga Dance with Kohava is invigorating and energizing for the mind, body and soul. It is never about what you look like but always about what you feel. You learn how your body works and become aware of the beauty within. Not just within yourself, but with everyone. Those you dance with become very quick friends-a community. When I started, I felt self-conscious, like I didn’t know how to move right. I didn’t know how to let go and live in the moment. Now that I’ve been coming for over 6 months I have more confidence in who I am, I am learning how to live in the moment, feel beautiful, let go of stress and be who I really am. When you exercise your brain along with your body to wonderful music laced with messages of hope and love, you create a truly unique experience that is good for your entire being. Kohava immediately creates a fun, safe environment in which nobody feels judged and everyone can do their best, have a good time and make a positive difference to their health”. Love,Melinda ( 2013)

                      Melanie Morrison~ Certified Angel Card Readers (2013)image013
“Kohava’s program came into my life exactly when I needed it. For many years I experienced a disconnect from my mind, body, emotions and spirit. Yoga dance helped to bridge the gap that distanced me from complete healing and an understanding of what I was going through during a time in which I was spiritually re-awakening. Kohava, during her workshops, held space for all that I needed to express and allow to flow through me during this time. If I need to get wild and dance I knew it was safe to do it in class without judgment. If I needed to open my heart and embrace love, I knew it was safe to be in that place with Kohava and the others in Yoga Dance. If I needed to cry and even talk a little I knew Yoga Dance would embrace me with gentle movement and support. Kohava was very intuitive in knowing just what I and the others needed and when. Kohava and Yoga Dance will always have a special place in my heart and I am so grateful for the shift that it helped to create in my life”.

             Carolyn Lampshire ~ Licensed Esthetician & aromatherapiestimage013
Dancing Butterflies with Kohava Howard is an amazing and uplifting experience. I have always felt balanced after each session. Kohava offers a variety of dances. I looked forward going every week. I will miss her and her beautiful energy. Yoga dance is a beautiful way to stay in shape, both physically and mentally”.  Carolyn L. ( 2013)

                 Wendy Syron ~ Massage therapistimage013
“There is a class I attend that is so completely enjoyable, and therapeutic, I would dare say it is a body, mind, spirit experience. It is Yoga dance, and I absolutely love it! . Not for the faint of heart, Kohava, challenges our empowerment and growth as women. Kohava breathes life and joy into this class; Ladies of all shapes, and sizes, seem to have a blast in this class. (I know I do)  Personally speaking, I would say it’s healthy, fulfilling fun for all! Any degree of fitness or experience is warmly welcomed by our beloved teacher who just happens to be a registered nurse.  (She is knowledgeable in many venues). Most importantly, Kohava, exudes humility and true down to earth caring. Quite honestly, working with Kohava, transports me to a dimension of true healing and enlightenment! I am motivated to stretch myself and grow to new heights, physically emotionally and intellectually. I always leave feeling peaceful and whole”. Wendy Syron ~ Contact: 786-691-6243   (2012)         

                    Erma (2011)image013
“Each week I have looked forward to the classes Kohava teaches. Her infectious smile and encouraging words of wisdom add so much to class to keep us motivated to move and be HAPPY. The yoga dance class has placed emphasis into listening to the music and moving in rhythm with the beat. It has added a new dimension to exercise and makes it enjoyable instead of a task to perform. I have learned to sway to the music and move by whole body thus exercising more than legs and arms. I always feel invigorated during her class and this lasts all day. She has given new meaning to the yoga dance movements by her style of teaching and her loving personality as she reaches out to each member of the class. Her love of yoga dance has inspired me to practice at home and continue to learn yoga moves in the future.
She is a very special person and will miss her daily”. Erma, student ( 2012)

                    Laurie Frasier ~ Director, Senior Daybreak of Hilltopimage013
“Chair yoga was well received by the participants of Senior Daybreak, an adult day care program for seniors with dementia. The music, props, and enthusiasm of Kohava brought joy to their hearts and smiles to their faces!” ~ Thank you, Laurie Frasier (2012)

         Heidi Hoffman Ham ~ FRESH Food Access Program Administrator (2011)image013
“Kohava shares her radiant and energetic spirit through her YogaDance classes, and everyone comes away with a more joyful outlook on life and a feeling of connectedness with all the other students.”

                      Gwen Pettit (2011)
Title: GRATE Sophomore Contributorimage013
Re: YogaDance~~Dancing Butterflies~~Dance as though no one …
What a fun way to move -that was my first reaction to Yoga dancing with Kohava. Just moving freely is something I think we forget how to do. What I enjoyed most was relaxing into the music without having to think. let my body go free and it knows how to move if I just get out of my own way.I am looking forward to a full yoga dance session with Kohava.
Mary DiDario ~ elementary school teacherimage013
“I’ve never quite felt so light and free than when doing yoga dance with Kohava.
The muscles in my mouth got just as much of a workout as the rest of my body from smiling and laughing so much while participating in yoga dance.
I feel like a little girl all over again when dancing with Kohava”.
Mary DiDario (2011)